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kerala lottery weekly chart

Kerala Lottery Nirmal NR 339 Result Today 28.07.2023 LIVE: Kerala Lottery Today Result 28.07.2023, KN 480 Nirmal Lucky Winner List 2 PM (OUT). The State Lottery Department of Kerala announces the Lucky Kerala Lottery Result for the Weekly Lottery every day at 03.05 PM. This lottery system is known for its exciting prize distribution, offering participants a chance to win hefty prizes.  Kerala Lottery Result Today, Kerala Lotteries Results, Winning List, Kerala Lottery Live Result

The prizes offered in the Lucky Kerala Lottery are diverse and can range from cash rewards to valuable assets like cars or houses. This adds an element of thrill and possibility for participants, making it a popular lottery system in Kerala. Today's Kerala Nirmal KN 480 winner is announced on at 3:05 PM daily

So, if you're feeling lucky and want to try your hand at winning big while contributing to social welfare programs, don't miss out on checking the Lucky Kerala Lottery Result at 03.05 PM daily 

LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today Nirmal NR 339 Winner list

Kerala Lottery Today Nirmal NR 339 2 PM LUCKY WINNING NUMBERS

Kerala Lottery Today 1st Prize Rs.8,000,000/- (80 Lakhs)


Consolation Prize Rs.8,000/-


2nd Prize Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakhs)

3rd Prize 1,00,000/- (1 Lakhs)

For The Tickets Ending With The Following Numbers

4th Prize Rs.5,000/-

5th Prize Rs.2,000/-

6th Prize Rs.1000/-

7th Prize Rs.500/-

8th Prize Rs.100/-

The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that this result isn't official yet. We've done our best, but there may be some errors in the numbers. No worries though, the official result will be announced shortly. Just to be safe, it might be a good idea to cross-check with the official announcement when it comes out. Thanks for your understanding!

Check Kerala Lottery Results 2023 Live Daily for the daily winners' list. A complete PDF List of the winners is provided around 05:30 PM. Download Winner List PDF , you can easily find the results for the lottery draw

Steps to Claim Today Kerala Lottery Prize 28.07.2023:

  • Refer to the Kerala lotteries norms to claim your prize.
  • Check whether your lottery number has won or not
  • If you have won a prize above Rs.100,000, you need to submit required documents to the Kerala Lotteries Board.
  • Different documents required based on amount won

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